NorthWest Eurythmy-Theatre Company

The NorthWest Eurythmy-Theatre Company was founded in July 2019 with the goal of creating a constant interdisciplinary platform where live professional eurythmy theatre can be realized. With the intention of bringing this to audiences around the globe. In today’s world we are exposed to vast amounts of media. For us it is important to facilitate an atmosphere where audience and performer can come into vivid experiences. These experiences can provide the opportunity for the audience to reflect and contribute to individual development.

We are a group of five young movement-artists/eurythmists: Henry Harmer (New Zealand), Marthy Hecker (Netherlands), Ailin Heuer (Argentina), Maiten Rinaldi (Argentina) and Tatjana Rudenko (Estonia). We are working together with the following artists: Musicians from the band ‘The MañanaPeople’: Tim Weissinger (Germany) and Alvaro Arango (Colombia). The movement-artist/eurythmist Mai Kadic (Argentina) and the video artist: Bülent Kirschbaum (Germany).

We have two pieces, a fairy tale, ‘The White Snake’ for children, which is ready to go on tour, and the second piece, ‘Global Village’ for youth which is a work in progress.

The premiere of ‘The White snake’ was on the 18th of october 2019.
After the premiere we will take the fairy tale to schools, institutions and theaters.

The premiere from the ‘Global Village’ is the 29th of February 2020. From there, we will go on international tours with the two pieces.

The tour dates can be found here (link).

Inspired by the fairytale from the Brothers Grimm called "The White Snake". The Fairytale tells the story of Timon who gains the ability to understand the language of the animals and goes travelling...Through the interdisciplinary choreography from Alexander Seeger, presenting a lively experience of the English language. Brought to life through songs, eurythmy, acting and colourful costumes, where the children can dive into a magical world.

---Length ca: 45 minutes.

Drama and eurythmy: Global Village
A co-operative eurythmy theatre performance with various artists, is about youth and their interaction with social media and technology. This performance displays our connection to each other through social media and our ever evolving smartphones, for example: a Tinder date, or checking the message service waiting for your friend to reply, and other such situations. These interactions, showing our need for contact, intimacy and friendship turning into addiction, from the loss of social skills to the building of bridges between different people.
This piece is presented through eurythmy, drama, dance, music, speech and video art. We are working together with the band “The Mañana People” and the video artist “Bülent Kirschbaum”.

---Length ca. 60 minutes.


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