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Global Village 

Global Village is a production for youth and smartphone users, which centers on the constantly evolving possibilities for social exchange through our smartphones. 

What lies behind the urge to get a "Like"? Why do we check our phones every few seconds to see if we have a new message? We get the most current news delivered within milliseconds in the palm of our hands. Is it the longing for human contact, or are we truly addicted to our smartphones?

Concepted by Tatjana Rudenko and Marthy Hecker, the production presents various situations in which the opportunity is given to reflect on our daily use of smartphone. The production confronts the audience with the theme of being online/offline.


The production is a combination of eurythmy, acting, visual art and music. With this, the production facilitates a way to work with the themes of social media.

The choreography came into existence through working with Gia von den Akker, Melaine MacDonald, Tatjana Rudenko and Marthy Hecker with the supervision from Johanna Kunetskyi and Helga Mattke.


The accompanying music was produced by “The Mañana People” exclusively for this production.

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