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OBJECTS IN A BODY Eurythmieperformance an der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW
/ Masterstudio "Integratives Design"
Objects in a body deals with the touch, feel and perceive of 12 randomly selected objects.
The personal perception was expressed with the body.
Objects in a body is not rational in the first step, but calls for an emotional and spatial intelligence.
Each object has a personal bodygesture that has been photographed.
When observing the movement, one can determine which object belongs to which movement.
Over time, a movement language developed, and the movementartist found her own movementphilosophy.
Veranstalter: Masterstudio "Integratives Design"
Eurythmieperformer: Kinscö Szabö
Fotografie: Leonard Witt
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